UPDATED 11/25/2010

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Johann Sebastian Bach
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Der Tag, Der Ist So Freudenreich, BWV 605 Click to Listen [1:51]
Christmas Chorale with motives of joy permeating the accompaniment. The chorale melody alternates between the Swell Trumpet and Oboe with added Cornet. Midi File available. Instrument: Marcussen & Son Organ / St. Stefanuschurch / Moerdijk (Noord-Brabant, The Netherlands) (1965) - Samples by Ariaan Hoogendijk

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Chorale Text
Der Tag, der ist so freudenreich
aller Creature,
von eier Jungfrau ist gebor'n,
Maria du bist ausserkor'n,
dass du Mutter wärest.
Was geschah so wunderlich?
Gottes Sohn vom Himmelreich,
der ist Mensch geboren.

O hail this brightest day of days,
All good Christian people!
Of maiden pure He is the Son;
Forever shall Thy praise be sung,
Christ's fair Mother Mary!
Ever was there news so great?
God's own Son from heaven's high state
Is born the Son of Mary!
--Tr. C.S. Terry

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