UPDATED 04/01/2011

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Johann Friedrich Doles
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Auf meinen lieben Gott Click to Listen [2:32]
Doles was a pupil of Bach and the second to succeed him as cantor of St. Thomas of Leipzig. The cheerful accompaniment surrounds rather prosaic statements of the Chorale, first on the Swell Trompette, then on a Cornet combination with Hautbois added. Vallotti-Young Temperament, -2dB Output Volume, Impulse reverberation added. Instrument: Schantz at First Baptist Church of Riverside, California (1966) sampled by Jonathan Orwig

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Chorale Text

Auf meinen lieben Gott
Trau' ich in Angst und Not,
Der kann mich allzeit retten
Aus Trübsal, Angst und Nöten,
Mein Unglück kann er wenden,
Steht all's in seinen Händen.


In my beloved God
I trust in fear and need;
He can me e'er deliver
From sadness, fear and trouble.
My sorrow can he alter,
For all rests in his hands now.
--Tr. Z. Philip Ambrose (used by permission)

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