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Johann Sebastian Bach
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Erschienen Ist der Herrliche Tag, BWV 629 Click to Listen [1:44]
Preceded by the Chorale on soft flues (Zwelwerk Gemshoorn 8' + Blokfluit 4' + Tremulant; HW Holpijp 8' coupled to PD Subbas 16'), this short, bubbly Easter Prelude features a Canon at the octave between the Zwelwerk Trompette 8' on the manual, and coupled to the Pedal Subbas 16', and an infectious rhythmic figure on the Hoofdwerk Holpijp 8' + Octaaf 4'. Impulse reverberation added. Midi File available. Instrument: Vermeulen Brothers Organ at Congregation "Vloedschuur," Heteren, Holland (1959) - Samples by Hauptwerk.nl

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Chorale Text
Erschienen ist der herrlich' Tag,
d'ran sich Niemand g'nug freuen mag:
Christ, unser Herr, heut' triumphiert,
all' sen' Feind' ergefangen führt. Alleluia.

On earth has dawned this day of days
Whereon let all men give God praise!
For Christ is risen from the tomb
And on his foes declared just doom. Alleluia!
--Tr. C. S. Terry

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